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RE The service works jointly for the entire Skopje PHI Center – Skopje, conducting accounting, financial, analytical, technical, commercial, administrative and legal issues.

Within the RE there is a central repository for drugs, warehouses for spending materials and elementary tools.

In the accounting of the RE, function the following departments: the department for the operation of services, the liquidation and treasury department, the salary department, the department of financial operations, the salary offices , the financial operation office, the material accounting department and the inventory of fixed assets and the financial accounting department.

In the commercial office function the following: a drug store, a warehouse for the administrative office and general materials, and a warehouse for car parts. In the technical service there is a laundry, a repair shop, a repair shop for dental equipment and other medical equipment.

In the legal-administrative service there is a department for legal affairs, personnel department, archives, typology office, department of defense, occupational safety and fire protection, and distribution service for mail and photocopy equipment.

Observes and reviews legal regulations and other general acts in the field of labor relations and health and directly implements them in practice.

Conducts personnel processing for which official records are kept and is provided with a certificate or documentation that certifies the facts at its disposition.

It submits the staff data to the competent employment organization, the competent bodies for pension and disability insurance, health insurance, statistical offices, and records the status changes and personnel movements in the House of Representatives.

It brings the documentation of personal files and records, all the data that arise for the duration of the employment relationship.

The Legal Service analyzes the legal and postal acts and provides guidance on their implementation, provides legal assistance to the employees, cares for filling in and maintaining documentation from the organs of the Chamber, prepares and publishes the Bulletin, is responsible for administrative, legal and office work, represents the Chamber in front of the judicial bodies and other property protection bodies and the legal interests of the Chamber.

The Analytical Center within the PHC at the PHI -Skopje takes care of completing the work in accordance with the dynamics of the work plan and takes part directly in carrying out the duties within the Chamber.

Ensures the listed records and documentation and proposes measures for more efficient accomplishment of assigned tasks.

It collects and monitors health statistics from work in center units, departments and sections, prepares periodic and annual reports, processes the data received and performs logical control of the reports received. It compiles the tables, charts and appropriate information ,operations needed to analyze the situation, and, if necessary, contacts and gives suggestions on the form and type of data submitted.

Performs an analysis of the scope of work performed and prepares comparative analyzes for monitoring the range and quality of the provided health services. Observes morbidity, mortality and immunization of the population, calculating specific health indicators for individual age groups.

It carries out an analysis of the scope of work carried out and prepares comparative analyzes for monitoring the scope and quality of the provided health services. It proposes measures for the most efficient performance of the Center’s work, prepares extraordinary reports according to the needs of the management team and participates in the organization and implementation of internal observation of the professional work.

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e-mail address: analitickicentar@yahoo.com