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Бул.Крсте Мисирков 28, Скопје bul. Krste Misirkov 28, Skopje

a)  Pre- school children and pupils centre and polyvalent patronage

b)  Health protection centre for children until 14 years old

c)  Primary health protection centre  

Work objective: Providing primary, preventive and dental care for children until 14 years old as well as dental polyvalent services and visits for all ages.  

Management approaches and methods: Cooperation between department leaders and experts ensures a successful implementation of the work duties and facilitates improvements in the working process.


  • Head of OE-service for PHO Karposh



    The OU, PHC Office – Karposh, operating within PHI “Skopje Health Center” In Skopje as part of its organizational structure, is systematized as a primary health care unit for pre-school and school children, it provides preventive dental examinations and primary health care of the inhabitants in the territory of three municipalities: Karposh, Gjorce Petrov and Saraj along with the suburban areas and surrounding villages.


    Head of Service for PHC Karpos is Dr.spec.Katerina Stamenkovski


    “Karposh” OU Health Care Center – PHC Service is implemented in the following centers:

               Gjorce Petrov Polyclinic

               Bukuresht Polyclinic

               Karposh Dispanzer

              H.s. Kozle (ISHP)

              H.s.Taftalixhe (ISHP)

              H.s. Vllae (ISHP)

              H.s. Gjorce Petrov 2 (PHI)

              H.s. Upper Pillars (IPH)

              H.s Rashçe (PHI)

              H.s. Radusha (IPHI)

              H.s. Bojane (PHI)

              H.s. Kopanica (IPH)

              H.s. Bukoviq (PHI)

              H.s. Glumovo (PHI)


     Karposh OU, PHC service consists of:  

    Pre- school children and pupils centre and polyvalent patronage       

    Health protection centre for children until 14 years old Polyvalent PatronageHealth care center operating on the third shift, Sundays and holidays.

    Emergency dental assistance centerAdministrative and Technical Services.

    1.The Center for Preventive Health Care of Pre-School and School Children implements Immunization according to the calendar for immunization and systematic examination, medical certificates are provided for enrollment in pre-school and school institutions, health guidelines are given according to the age of the children.  

    Pol. Gjorce Petrov working hours 07.30-15.00h tel. 02/2031 022

    Pol. Bucharest working timetable 07.30-15.00h tel. 02/3064 088

    Karposh Dispanzer working hours 07.30-15.00h tel. 02/3068 804

     2. The dental health protection unit provides systematic and standard check ups, Permanent and milk teeth filling, dental certificates issuance for first grade enrollment. An unavoidable and very important segment is also dental education for both the children and the general population. 

    Pol. Gjorce Petrov working hours 07.30-20.30h    tel. 02/2031 022

    Pol. Bucharest working hours 07.30-20.30h          tel. 02/3064 088

    Dispenser Karposh working hours 07.30-15.00h   tel. 02/3068 804  

    The polyvalent patronage is a separate unit whose staff is trained to provide preventative services to the family and offer solutions to all the most important social and medical problems in the family. This unit is also responsible for planning daily visits of new born babies, infants, toddlers, pregnant women, puerperal women and people over 65 years old, which are of major priority and monitoring with extra care on vulnerable groups, children with special needs, social cases and others.

     Pol.Gjorce Petrov working hours 07.30-15.00h        tel. 02/2031 022

    Direct contact line is available from 07.30 to 09.30 h 

    4. Health care centers operating on third, Sunday and holidays 

    Pol.Gjorce Petrov working time 19.30-07.30h  

    Sundays and holidays: 24-hours 

    5. Saturday custody center first and second shift

    Pol.Gjorce Petrov working hours 07.30-19.30h

    6. Emergency dental assistance center for the third shift, Sundays and holidays

    Pol.Gjorce Petrov working hours 19.30-07.30

    Sundays and holidays: 24-hours 

    In the facilities that are part of the” Karposh” OU Service for the PHC- Karposh, the following Centers and Consultative-specialistic Cabinets also operate:  

    • Internal illnesses department – 30-20.30h
    • Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) – 30-15.00h
    • Dermatological Diseases department – 07.30-15.00h
    • Neurology and Psychiatry- 07.30-20.30h
    • Electromyography center (Tuesday and Thursday) – 08.00-14.00h
    • Physical rehabilitation center – 07.30-20.30h
    • GRT cabinet with echo diagnostics- 07.30-19.30h
    • Biochemical Laboratory- 07.30-20.30h
    • Logopedics cabinet (Monday to Thursday) – 08.00-14.30h
    • Insulin Pharmacy- 07.30-15.00h
    • Office of health insurance fund of Macedonia – 08.00-16.00h

    As well as general medicine Private Health Institutions (PHI) – home doctors, pediatrics, gynecology, general dentistry and orthodontia.


    Pol.Gjorce Petrov center 02/2031 02    Director / fax 02/2041 625

    Pol. Bucharest center 02/3064 088

    Dispanzer Karposh 02/3068 804

    • “Karposh” OU, PHC service- Karposh

    E-mail address:  oe.karpos@gmail.com