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a) Pre- school children and pupils centre and polyvalent patronage

b) Dental protection center for children until 14 years old

в) Primary health protection centre

Work objective:  Implements the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic actions to eliminate any immediate life or health threat. Offers medical services and treatment at patients’ home (homecare).  Offers medical assistance on third shift, Sundays and national holidays as well as emergent dental services.

Management approaches and methods: Cooperation between department leaders and experts ensures a successful implementation of the work duties and facilitates improvements in the working process.


CHAIR OU- PHC service

“CHAIR” OU for PHC, Chair provides health care services for the inhabitants of four municipalities: Chair, Shuto Orizari ,Butel  and Chucher Sandevo. The main object of the OU Primary Health Care Service is located at 2 MKB St. No. 5. The building was built in 1082 and it is a strong construction with a convenient area of 5000 m2 that is located in the central area of the municipality of Chair.

The health station “Shuto Orizari” is located at Indira Gandi St. no.15 in the municipality of Shuto Orizari whereas health station “Butel 1” is located in.Kraishka St. bb in Butel municipality. There are 110 employees in “ Chair “ OU.

Within “Chair” polyclinic operate the following services:

1. Preventive health care clinic for preschool and school children

2. Preventive health care clinic for dental protection

3. Polivalent patronage service

4. Rural doctor

5. Speech Therapist

6. Depression Center

7. Diabetes Center

8. Special Consultative Service (dermatovenerology, neurology, psychiatry, internal diseases, gastroscopy cabinet, physiotherapy cabinet, radiography, biochemical laboratory, insulin pharmacy)

9. 24 hour- health care (night service, emergency assistance and Saturday’s guardianship)


1.The Center for Preventive Health Care of Pre-School and School Children implements Immunization according to the calendar for immunization and systematic examination, medical certificates are provided for enrollment in pre-school and school institutions, health guidelines are given according to the age of the children.  

“Chair” Polyclinic working hours: 07: 30-15: 00 h. Phone 02 / 2611-506

Spatial Health Station “Shuto Orizari” working hours: 07:30 – 15:00 h. Phone 02 / 2651-696

“Butel 1” health station working hours: 07:30 – 15:00 h. Phone 02 / 2621-693


2.The dental health protection unit for children and adolescents provides a total dental check up(demonstration of proper oral hygiene) and preventive filling of the first permanent moles

“Chair” Polyclinic working hours: 07: 30h -15: 00h. Phone 02 / 2611-506

Spatial Health Station “Shuto Orizari” working time: 07:30 – 15:00 h. Phone 02 / 2651-696


  1. The department of polyvalent patronage is an independent unit

The polyvalent patronage is a separate unit whose staff is trained to provide preventative services to children and the family and offer solutions to all the most important social and medical problems in the family. The nurses and labor nurses work in PPD on the spaces of “Jane Sandanski” polyclinic and “Dracevo” Polyclinic. Contact and arrangements for advice, planning daily visits to families and contacting other institutions are available every working day from 07:30 – 09: 30h.Field work – Family visits (outpatients) of major priority are newborns, puerperal women, pregnant women, infants, children and the elderly (over 65 years), specifically deprived groups, special need children and others. Along with the healthcare service and in cooperation with Social Welfare Centers and the Red Cross there are also educational community activities.


4.The rural doctor is a project presented in 2014 and provides health services in the rural areas of the municipality of Chair, Shuto Orizari, Butel and Chucher Sandevo.


5.A speech therapist works on “Chair” Polyclinic twice a week (Monday and Thursday 8: 00-15: 00h)


6.Depression Center (every Tuesday 15: 00-20: 00h) 


7.Diabetes Center (every Tuesday and Friday from 8:00 to 15:00)


8.The Specialist Consultative Service consists of the following departments:

a) dematovenerology

b) neurology

c) psychiatry

d) internal diseases

e) gastroscopy cabinet (every Monday and Thursday)

f) physical therapy cabinets

i) rengen examination (most recent devices in operation are magnets and mamography)

k) biochemical laboratories

l) insulin Pharmacy


Within the “Chair”OU, there are also private health units:

  1. General Medicine and Pediatrics Clinic
  2. Dental Clinic
  3. Gynecological Clinic
  4. Office of health insurance fund of Macedonia



Within the Spatial Health Center “Shuto Orizari” the following services are in function:

  1. Preventive health care centers for preschool and school children

      2. Laboratory service

  1. 24 hour-health care (night service, emergency assistance and Saturday’s guardianship)


Within the Spatial Health Center “Shuto Orizari” also function these private services:

  1. General Medicine and Pediatrics Clinic
  2. Dental Clinic
  3. Gynecological clinic
  4. The Red Cross Office 
  5. Pharmacy

Within the Spatial Health Center “Butel 1” the following services are functional:

А) Preventive health care center for preschool children

B) General medicine center

C) Dental clinic

D) Laboratory

E) Pharmacy


Head of “CHAIR” OU is -Dr. Shkelkjime Veseli Sela 075327936

Director:  02/2621 499         spzzcair@gmail.com