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a)  Pre- school children and pupils centre and polyvalent patronage

b)  Health protection centre for children until 14 years old

c)  Primary health protection centre

Work objective: Providing primary, preventive and dental care for children until 14 years old as well as dental polyvalent services and visits for all ages.  

Management approaches and methods: Cooperation between department leaders and experts ensures a successful implementation of the work duties and facilitates improvements in the working process.



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    The OU, PHC Service – Kisella Voda, operating within PHI “Skopje Health Center” In Skopje as part of its organizational structure is systematized as a primary health care unit for pre-school and school children and systematic control unit the employed. It provides health protection for the inhabitants of Aerodrom Municipality, Kisella Voda, Sopishte, Studenican,  and Zelenikovo.

    Head of the OU is Dr. Bore Radevski

    Health Care in OU- Service for PHC -Kisela Voda takes place in the following facilities:

    • “Jane Sandanski” Polyclinic
    • “Draçevo” Polyclinic
    • s. Lisiçe
    • s.11 Tetori
    • s. Pellagonia
    • s. Cërniçe ( PHI )  
    • s. Rakotinci (PHI)
    • s. Batinci
    • s. Studeniçan
    • s. Koliçan
    • s Zelenikovo

    NJB- PHC service – Kisella Voda consists of:

    • Department for Health care and protection for pre-school and school children
    • Department for preventative dental health care of children
    • Polyvalent patronage Department
    • Technical service 
    1. The Center for Preventive Health Care of Pre-School and School Children implements Immunization according to the calendar for immunization and systematic examination, medical certificates are provided for enrollment in pre-school and school institutions, health guidelines are given according to the age of the children.

    ”Jane Sandanski” working hours : 07.30- 15; Phone: 02/ 2463-277

    “Draçevo” working hours: 07.30- 15h;  Phone: 02/ 2795-112, 2795-11 

    1. Preventive Dental Health Protection of Children and Youth department includes complete guidance (demonstration for oral hygiene) as well as preventive filling of permanent teeth.

    Draçevë working hours: 07.30- 20 h.  Phone: 02/ 2795-112, 2795-111 – 07,30-14,30h.

    s Lisiçë working hours: 07.30- 14.30h. 

    s Pellagonia working hours: 07.30- 14.30 h. 


    1. Within the framework of the Jane Sandanski Polyclinic is the Dentistry Clinic which operates in the night shift, on Sundays and Holidays.

    Phone: 02/ 2463-277
    working hours: 19:00 – 07:30; 24h On Sundays and Holidays.

    1. The polyvalent patronage is a separate unit whose staff is trained to provide preventative services to the family and offer solutions to all the most important social and medical problems in the family.

    Nurses and midwives work on the Polyvalent Patronage Service (PPS). Nurses operate on ‘Jane Sandanski’ and ‘Drancevo’ polyclinics departments. Contact mobile phone lines are available every working day from 7:30 to 9:30h to get information, advice, make appointments for family visits and communicate with other institutions.

    • Field work – Family visits (outpatients)

    Of major priority are newborns, puerperal women, pregnant women, infants, children and the elderly (over 65 years), specifically deprived groups, special need children and others. Along with the healthcare service and in cooperation with Social Welfare Centers and the Red Cross there are also educational community activities.

    Jane Sandanski Phone:   02/ 2463- 060

    Draçevo Phone:  02/ 2796- 571


    1. In the occupational medicine service – Jane Sandanski Polyclinic in accordance with the laws performs systematic preventive checks of employees through:

           – Laboratory tests with biochemical analysis

          – Complete examination by the specialist in occupational medicine as well as an opinion on the health status and work ability of each worker.

    -Specialist examination by the internist with ECG,

    – Optical examination,

    – Otorhinolaryngology examination

    – Psychological test

    – Neuropsychiatric examination,

    – Spirometers

    – Audiometry

    – Refractometry (eye computer)

    There is a special office in the occupational medicine service for allergy testing with contemporary labs that diagnoses allergy.

    Occupational medicine service – working hours 07.30 – 15 h. Phone 02 / 2460-440

    Among centers that are part of the OU Service for PHC’’ Kisela Voda’’, there are also the following consulting locations and offices:

    Jane Sandanski Polyclinic:

    • Insulin Pharmacy
    • GRT Office for Computer Tomography, ЕCHО diagnostics and other GRT diagnostics
    • Ophthalmologic department 
    • Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)
    • Dermatological Diseases Department
    • Orthopedics
    • Physical Rehabilitation
    • Department of internal diseases – – since 2018 this department offers ultrasound services for the heart and abdomen
    • Biochemical and Alergominamological Laboratory Center for diabetes
    • Depression Center (every Thursday from 15 to 20 h)
    • Pediatric caregiver (from 19.30 to 23 h, Sundays and holidays from 08 to 23 h)
    • Logopedics (Monday – Thursday 08 – 15 h)
    • Third shift, Sundays and Holidays Nursing Center, department of emergency services.
    • Private health institutions (PHI -home doctor) general medicine, pediatrics, gynecology and dentistry.

    Polyclinic Dracevo:

    • Insulin Pharmacy
    • GRT Office for Computer Tomography, ЕHО Diagnostics and other  GRT Diagnostics
    • Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) (Tuesday and Friday)
    • Dermatological Diseases department
    • Neurology and Psychiatry
    • Internal illnesses department
    • Biochemical Laboratories
    • Logopedics
    • Third shift, Sundays and Holidays Nursing Center, department of emergency services.
    • Private health institutions (PHI -home doctor) general medicine, pediatrics, gynecology and dentistry


    Information about any kind of health service can be received daily through telephone numbers:

    Pol.Jane Sandanski: Center: 02 / 2463- 277 2464-997 2462- 297 2464- 291 Director: 2460 -628

    In Pol.Dracevo :; Center: 02 / 2795-111 2795- 111

    OU PHC Service KISELLA VODA E-mail address: poliklinikajanesandanski@yahoo.com