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Magnetic resonance imaging is a distinct advantage over other methods, as it offers us more information than computed tomography.

A particular benefit of magnetic resonance imaging is that it has no radiation at all and achieves maximum quality from a diagnostic point of view. Compared to other diagnostic examinations MR is the best diagnostic procedure that offers detailed visualization of the whole body.

X-rays are a type of light ray, very similar to the usual light we see every day. The difference between visible light and x-rays is the wavelength of the rays. The human eye cannot detect light with longer wavelengths, such as radio waves, or light with shorter wavelengths, such as x-rays. X-rays can pass through non-metallic objects, including human tissues and organs. The X-ray machine is like a giant camera that allows doctors to see what’s going on inside the patient’s body without having to undergo surgery.

Digital mammography is a diagnostic method in which low-dose X-rays visualize breast tissue.
The advantages of mammography are its high resolution, the ability to visualize minor pathological changes as well as the lower dose of ionizing radiation.