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For the work of PHI, the health center in Skopje in 2016

PHI School Health Center during 2016 offered preventive and primary care of the population, consultancy health care and emergency medical assistance with home treatment in the territory of the City of Skopje. During 2016, the specialist consultancy service at the PHI Health Center in Skopje was empowered with human resources, which enabled the opening of new cabinets and the introduction of new methods in the specialist consultative service, with the aim of bringing health services closer to the patients. In the Emergency Service in the territory of the City of Skopje, three new stations (Petrovec, Cucchevo, Sandevo and Gllumovo) have been opened, and the staff has been reinforced with 30 new teams (30 doctors of undefined work contract, 20 nurses). The newly established positioning staff aims on approaching services to extreme points from the city and reaching shorter intervention times. 2016 Skopje’s PHI Health Center concluded with a positive financial result. All due obligations towards suppliers on 31.12.2016 are paid fully paid.

The employment report covers the period from January to December 2016 and displays the Center’s work during 2016 through the cumulative financial indicator for the results achieved.


According to the accounting data presented in the financial statements of the annual account, ЈЗУ. During 2016, the Skopje Health Center worked with a positive financial result – profit in the amount of MKD 1,314,706.


The total income of PHI “Skopje Health Center”  in 2016 reach the value of 714,680,732 MKD and, compared to last year, have increased by 1,85%. Most of the revenues are funds from FSSHM, which make up 87.83% of total revenues. The budget revenues through the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Macedonia for programmed activities for preventive health care contribute with 0.73% of total income.

The remaining 11.44% are own source revenues, most of which are incomes of participation, systematic employee checks, medical certificates for driving test application, examinations of uninsured persons, rental income and fees for general expenses by concessionaires with a total amount of 81,776,393 MKD.


Total Expenditures of PHI “Skopje Health Center” in 2016 totals the amount of 713.366.026 MKD and compared to the previous year has increased by 1.73%.

In this structure are included the following group expenses:

– Expenses on wages and other personal income

– Expenses for medical supplies

– Expenses on non-medical materials

– General Expenses

– Expenses for continued maintenance

– Contractual services

– Capital investment

– Other current expenses

2.1 Expenditures on wages and other personal incomes

Salaries and other personal incomes at PHI “Skopje Health Center” during 2016 moved within the defined level in accordance with the Law on payments of Salaries in the Republic of Macedonia and the Collective Agreement. In 2016, there was a wage increase for doctors of medicine, doctors-specialists, and doctors of dentistry and graduate pharmacists. Salary and supplementary costs weigh the most in the total cost structure with 64.83%, an amount to 462.489.564 MKD. Compared to 2015, the cost of salaries and other personal incomes has increased by 1.28%.

2.2 Expenses for medical supplies

Expenditures for medical supplies amount to 72,092,477 MKD and in the total expenditure structure they participate with 10.11%.According to financial indicators, the costs of medical supplies compared to the previous year has increased by 2.57%.

2.3 Expenditures for non-medical materials

Expenditures on non-medical materials (office supplies, models, hygiene materials, repair materials, small inventories) in 2016 amount to 9,517.093 MKD and their share in total cost is 1.33%.

2.4 General Expenses

After the cost of salaries and aids, general expenses are the largest expenditure group at “Skopje Health Center”. Their share in the total cost is 9.74% and amounts to 69.448.696 MKD. Compared to the previous year, overall expenses have decreased by 15.7%.

2.5 Expenditures for Continuous Maintenance

The ongoing maintenance cost group includes: repair and maintenance of vehicles, servicing of equipment, maintenance of buildings, maintenance of hardware and software equipment, disinfection, disinsection, deratisation and other repairs and maintenance services. During 2016, the total maintenance costs are 24,772,307 MKD and their share in total costs reaches 3.47%. Compared to the previous year, they have increased by 12.07%.

2.6 Contractual Services

The contract service group in the total cost structure participates with 3.89%. Some of these expenses relate to the legal obligations of the Health Care Center (interest, court fees), labor agreements and author’s agreements, payment for doctors contracted in “Hello, Doctor”, advertising and competitions, services from other health institutions, specializations, which in total amount to 27,759,340 MKD.

2.7 Capital Investments

Capital Investments in 2016 deal with the procurement of medical equipment, computer equipment, vehicles, furniture, and renovation of buildings. In the total cost structure, they account for 5.14% and amount to 36.675.002 MKD. Compared to 2015, capital investments have increased by 5.78%.

2.8 Other Current Costs

Other expenditures (other current expenses) are the costs related to the payment of pension for retirees, interest payments, court fees, travel expenses, VAT, in the total amount of 10.611.547 MKD. The total cost is 1.49%.

Appendix: Balance of Income and Expenses for 2016